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COVID-19 update: The current planning is to conduct FDL 20 as a hybrid event, allowing physical as well as virtual participation for both speakers and the audience. Current case numbers in Kiel are provided here. Travel restrictions for entering Schleswig-Holstein, where Kiel is located, are found here. Entering without quarantine is not allowed if you come from a high-risk area, as listed here (with an english version at the bottom). If you have any doubts concerning your safety or your personal health status, we suggest to participate virtually. Measures to minimize the risks for participants include: a) we have moved to a significantly larger venue, b) face shields will be provided to all participants, and c) breaks and the social event will take place outdoors as much as possible - bring a warm jacket! Before arriving in Kiel, we also encourage participants to use the COVID testing facilities at home or when entering Germany, if possible. Hamburg Airport also provides COVID tests, see here. If you do participate and are tested positive within two weeks after the event, please inform the organizers immediately.

FDL is a well-established international forum to exchange experiences and promote new trends in the application of languages, their associated design methods, and tools for the design of electronic systems. FDL stimulates scientific and controversial discussions within and in-between scientific topics as described below.

The program structure includes research working sessions, embedded tutorials, panels, and technical discussions. The forum includes tutorials and fringe meetings, such as user group or standardization meetings. “Wild and Crazy Ideas” and work in progress are also welcome.

Electronic systems of interest to FDL include (but are not limited to) those that are used in internet-of-things (IoT), cyber-physical systems (CPS), mixed criticality embedded systems, embedded systems for high-performance computing, automatic driving and driver assistance, real-time systems, reconfigurable and secure computing.

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