FDL 2018

Forum on specification & Design Languages

@Munich, Germany
September 10-12, 2018

@Munich, Germany


- SmaCoNat: Smart Contracts in Natural Language

- Transaction-level Functional Mockup Units for Cyber-Physical Virtual Platforms

- Symbolic Simulation of SystemC AMS Without Yet Another Compiler

- Automated Redirection of Hardware Accesses for Host-Compiled Software Simulation

- Extensible and Configurable RISC-V based Virtual Prototype

- Dynamic Inside-Out Verification Using Inverse Transactions in TLM

- Simulation-based Holistic Functional Safety Assessment for Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

- Automated Testing for Cyber-physical Systems: From Scenarios to Executable Tests

- Time in SCCharts

- Blech, imperative synchronous programming!

- Scade 6: from a Kahn Semantics to a Kahn Implementation for Multicore

- Sequential Behavioral Modeling for Scalable IoTDevices and Systems

- SystemC Coding Guidelinefor Faster Out-of-order Parallel Discrete Event Simulation

- Preserving functional correctness of cyber-physical system controllers: from model to code

- From Low-Power to No-Power: Adaptive Clocking for Event-Driven Systems

- A New Ageing-Aware Approach via Path Isolation

- Automatic Design of Microfluidic DevicesAn Overview of Platforms and Corresponding Design Tasks

- Cyber-Physical System for Industrial Control Automation based on the Holonic Approach and the IEC 61499 Standard

- Using SysML for Modelling and Code Generation for Smart Sensor ASICs

FDL 2018 is in Munich, Germany